Home Service - Expat

If you need a temporary accommodation – short or long term – we will endeavour to find your home away from home. Depending on your needs, we can take care of most or all your housing worries, thanks to our Triple S-formula: Supply, Support and Service.

Thanks to our expertise in interior design, we are happy to take care of everything in that respect: from furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and equipment to household items and decorations. Any budget can buy character and comfort, and we always strive for the highest quality.

Keeping an accommodation in excellent condition requires constant maintenance, which we are happy to provide for you. This includes renovations, technical installations, painting and upkeep, repairs and restocking any household items. Thanks to our approach, you will not have anything to worry about.

Selecting your accommodation and making it a suitable home is not a trivial matter. State agents, financial advisors and other specialists all call for your attention. ExpatHouse offers advice, mediation and support to make sure you contact all the right people. We will also take care of designing, supplying and installing all furnishings.